Friday, March 25, 2016

Toddler room decorating ideas

The comfortable rooms will make your children happy. One trick is to decorate in accordance with the personality of the child. Here are some tips for decorating toddler's bedrooms.

Color Select the right color. For girls, choose bright colors such as pink, light green or light blue. You can also combine with a variety of colors. Involve your child in choosing colors. In addition to the paint, you can also play with the character's penchant for cutting sticker picture of your child.

Furniture Choose furniture with bright colors and neutral. When you buy furniture that is already so, for example, choose a wardrobe that is within easy reach of your child. In addition, do not buy furniture that had pointy end so as not to hurt your child.

The addition of accessories the accessories can sweeten your daughter's bedroom, for instance: the pillow with hearts, dolls, or similar color gordyn with walls.

Light When in the toddler's room there is a table of learning, make sure the lighting is enough to light up. The lighting is less would damage the eyes. Your usual variations by using a table lamp.

To decorate colorful toddler bedroom, air circulation rooms are stuffy and humid is the best medium for viruses and bacteria. Design room in order to have good air circulation. If it does not allow for the use of the window, the fan mounted ventilated wall is also very helpful.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Maintain and clean violin bow

I have already spoken how to rosin a violin bow , but a lot of people are asking questions about cleaning the bow and violin.

As for the bow: my view is that it does not need to be cleaned .. the stick should be wiped with a cloth if rosin above. As regards the wick normally no maintenance other than the change when it no longer grip, when it is worn.

signs of wear:

  • rosin despite the wick no longer hangs
  • the wick has lost a lot of horsehair
  • the bristles are stretched and can no longer have the right tension of the bow
  • The resulting sound is so good

Some say that the wick can clean with alcohol, it seems risky to me because alcohol is very aggressive to the hair.
especially: what state is the bit to get there? there is no better change it?

Violin Cleaning
Normally a violin does not really dirty because one cares.
If dirt gets to accumulate, the rest of rosin, dirt, grease, fingerprints, etc .. can be cleaned with violin popotte prepared by a luthier.

This product is to be cleaned, should not be used daily. It has a very mild abrasive side.

By cons, some musicians spend their violin polish after each concert. the polish is a mild product that removes all traces of fingers and shines .. It is rather like oil or wax. Apply with a cloth or sponge. then we can possibly polish with a soft cloth ... Not recommended for those who do not like it shines.

Fiddle Lessons for Beginners

You can find traditional fiddle lessons given by a teacher privately or if you’re a DIY’er, you can learn to play the fiddle online with videos or with instructional books. It helps if you know what style of fiddle music you wish to play such as American (Bluegrass, Cajun, Folk…) Celtic (Irish, Scottish, Welsh…), Jazz, Canadian, Scandanavian etc. because you can find instruction specifically suited for these styles as opposed to generic lessons.

Free Online Fiddle Lessons

The Folk of the Wood has some great beginner to advance fiddle lessons which include how to hold the fiddle, parts of the fiddle and bow, how to tune your fiddle, how to learn to read music, tremolo, vibrato and other fiddle bowing techniques, scales, positions and chords, practice tips and free fiddle sheet music from beginner to advance melodies. Go here to access all lessons: Free Online Fiddle Lessons.

The Fiddle Hub offers online fiddle lessons but it requires a membership. There is a paid membership where you purchase lessons for $4 and then have unlimited use of that lesson. There is also a free membership, but you still are required to register. The free membership gives you four how to play the fiddle lessons including smooth bowing, accurate fingering, learning tunes and reading tablature. It also give you access to 3 free fiddle tune lessons, “Paddy’s Return”, “Soldiers Joy” and “Whiskey Before Breakfast”. Click here for Fiddle Hub Fiddle Lessons.

Beginner Fiddle Lesson Videos

This beginner fiddle lesson starts with tuning, finger patterns and include a quick how to play fiddle beginner tune, “Bile em Cabbage Down” using Nashville shuffle and one and two bowing:
Tuning, Finger Patterns and "Bile em Cabbage Down"

Below is another little fiddle lesson given by Casey Driessen, a Grammy nominated fiddler who often tours with different bands and quartets playing bluegrass and other acoustic styles of fiddle music. He was on tour with the Frank Vignola Quintet and stopped by Mel Bay Publications where he gave this quick lesson on bowing and double stops and how to warm up with long bowing intervals:

Beginner Fiddle Lesson on Bowing and Double Stops

If you want to find a fiddle teacher in your area, we found this website, called "Get Lessons Now" where you can choose fiddle lessons from the drop down menu, enter you zipcode and it gives you a list of local teachers. It will give the teacher’s education, awards received, lesson details, rates, hours lessons are offered and a bio/personal statement from each teacher. There is also a “send message” button so you can ask questions via email.

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