Thursday, January 21, 2016

Maintain and clean violin bow

I have already spoken how to rosin a violin bow , but a lot of people are asking questions about cleaning the bow and violin.

As for the bow: my view is that it does not need to be cleaned .. the stick should be wiped with a cloth if rosin above. As regards the wick normally no maintenance other than the change when it no longer grip, when it is worn.

signs of wear:

  • rosin despite the wick no longer hangs
  • the wick has lost a lot of horsehair
  • the bristles are stretched and can no longer have the right tension of the bow
  • The resulting sound is so good

Some say that the wick can clean with alcohol, it seems risky to me because alcohol is very aggressive to the hair.
especially: what state is the bit to get there? there is no better change it?

Violin Cleaning
Normally a violin does not really dirty because one cares.
If dirt gets to accumulate, the rest of rosin, dirt, grease, fingerprints, etc .. can be cleaned with violin popotte prepared by a luthier.

This product is to be cleaned, should not be used daily. It has a very mild abrasive side.

By cons, some musicians spend their violin polish after each concert. the polish is a mild product that removes all traces of fingers and shines .. It is rather like oil or wax. Apply with a cloth or sponge. then we can possibly polish with a soft cloth ... Not recommended for those who do not like it shines.

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