Saturday, January 16, 2016

Learn Violin Beginner Tips

If you want to learn violin you have a few choices as far as how to learn to play the violin, whether it be classical or cajun fiddle. The obvious choice is violin lessons. But what kind of lessons? With a private violin teacher? Group violin lessons? Or did you know there were online violin lessons that you can take? And what about the Suzuki Violin School? Violin method books? And what about fiddle vs violin? The choice is a personal one. Some people would greatly benefit from private violin lessons while others would not. Perhaps a combination of private and online violin video lessons would be best? The best way to learn violin is to cater to your own learning style. You should set goals, although not too grand, in order to progress in a steady and systematic way.

There is plenty to learn such as elemental as how to read music, how to hold your violin, how to tune a violin, proper posture, how to hold your bow, first and third finger positioning. and how to rosin a violin bow. There are left hand and right hand techniques; vibrato, staccato, spicatto. There are scales, arpeggios, double stops, chords, intonation, shifting, harmonics, just to name a few. But don’t be overwhelmed. Take one small lesson and master it, no matter how long it takes before moving on to the next lesson.

Learn Violin Books

Some recommended learn violin books include Picture Yourself Playing Violin by Bridgette Seidel, Playing the Violin: An Illustrated Guide by Mark Rush, Violin Wall Chart by Martin Norgaard by Mel Bay, Mel Bay’s First Lessons Violin by Craig Duncan, Suzuki Violin School: Violin Part, vol. 1 (Suzuki Violin School, Violin Part) by Shinichi Suzuki and The ABCs of Violin for the Absolute Beginner: Violin, Book 1 by Janice Tucker Rhoda, just to get you started. There are mixed reviews for Violin For Dummies. Some say it’s great with easy to follow instructions and methods for beginner to advanced violinist. Others say it is a waste of money and there are better instructional books out there. You’ll have to decide for yourself on this one. You can always sell it back on ebay!

Learn Violin DVDs
Here are some well reviewed learn violin dvds: The ABCs of Violin for the Absolute Beginner by Janice Tucker Rhoda, Mel Bay Anyone Can Play Violin by Coral White, and Violin Lessons - AMP - Introductory Beginner DVD with Fingering Tapes, Introduction to Violin DVD by Jim Tolles. The first one above, The ABCs of Violin is one of the favorites among beginners. Even violin teachers have recommended this DVD to their students as an accompaniment to their private lessons. Lots of techniques covered in detail with excellent video to learn violin.

For additional resources, I recommend you go to learn violin where they have additional elessons as well as some free violin videos that teach a variety of lessons.

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