Saturday, January 16, 2016

Violin Lessons for Beginners to Advanced Violinists

Thinking of getting violin lessons? We’ve summarized some of your options and what’s available both online and offline.
Private Violin Lessons

If you want to find a violin teacher in your local area, there is a site called Private Lessons that can help find you one.  Start off by choosing violin under the instrument list, then enter your city or zipcode. Enter a larger city nearby to get the most results if you don’t get many with your city.  You can see instructor’s resumes and contact them if you want more information.  I also like some video on youtube.  Similar way of searching by city and gives teachers’ education, awards received, lesson details, rates, hours lessons are offered and a bio/personal statement from each teacher. You can also contact each teacher as well.

If you do not find what you are looking for on either of these sites, then type with quotes, “your city violin lessons” into Google Search. Obviously, replace your city with your city’s name, for example enter “Chicago violin lessons”. If you don’t get many results, then you might need to go broader, with a bigger nearby city or even by putting in your state’s name. Try first with the quotes, which only brings back results with that phrase in that order, but you could also try without the quotes to bring additional related results. You just might have to spend a little more time sifting through the sites to find what you’re looking for.

Free Violin Lessons Online

There are a few online violin lessons that are worth mentioning. If you are looking for free lessons, you can’t be as picky as when you are looking for paid lessons, but nonetheless, they’re out there. We have searched around and found some sites that offer free violin lessons for beginners without any catches.

I would definitely check out Professor Todd Ehle’s free violin video series on YouTube. He has been teaching violin for many years and offers many detailed lessons in these violin videos, everything from how to hold your violin and bow to more advanced  bowing techniques. Click the link above to see his entire video collection. Here’s one sample on string crossing, part 1:

Learning Violin offers both free and paid lessons. If you click on the free video lessons on the navigation, it will take you to a page which has free video lessons on tuning, posture, bow grip and 3 bowing lessons.

The Violin Site also offers free lessons with written instructions and videos. If you go to their page for violin practicing you will see lessons separated into bow arm violin exercises such as detaché, collé, martellé, staccato, sautillé, ricochét and chords and left hand violin exercises such as shifting, tuning, 3 octave scales, arpeggios, thirds, octaves, fingered octaves, tenths and vibrato.

We here at site are continually adding to our free information of lessons as well. We search and try to find valuable information and videos that demonstrate violin techniques and will offer written instruction as well.
Online Violin Video Lessons (Fee)

As far as online violin lessons that you have to pay for, there’s a few that are worth trying out and all give money-back guarantees if you don’t agree.

There are many favorable reviews of  Violin Master Pro. Eric Lewis is a world-renown violinist and offers a complete violin lesson package with 100s of videos, mp3s to train and play along with plus an ongoing membership to all updates and features.  It includes both beginner and advanced techniques. Includes a 56-day, no-questions asked, guarantee for you to try out.

The Academy of Music Performance (AMP) offers beginner and intermediate DVDs at, but unlike Violin Master Pro, they are not instantly downloadable, are significantly more expensive and don’t include continued updates and new videos without additional payment. I would say though that the instruction is just as good. It’s up to you. Check them both out.

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